I have a Tween

I have a tween (ie between teenager and child). She’s not even really a pre teen either. She’s a sweet girl who loves fairies, a popular teen singing star who has a double life, and as of tonight… another girls singing group that walks around in animal prints. *sigh*

She is a beautiful beautiful girl who simply loves life. She loves her little sister, she is a big help when her Daddy has to work, she loves singing and dancing, and is just an overall joy to be around.

This joy does not come without a price, though. Being a “tween” means she is also going through those wonderful “hormone” changes. We haven’t gotten to THAT time yet, but I know we’re getting closer.

So…. HELP?? What do I do? How do I deal with THAT time when we get to that time? Okay… breathing now. If anyone has advice, I would love it.



One thought on “I have a Tween

  1. Just love them a lot and be building on the trust she still has in you while she’s this age. Hopefully she won’t hate you when she turns 13. 🙂 I’m sure she won’t. She has meek genes from your mom. Ally and I have always been very close and people always said when she became a teenager, she would go “bad” and we would have all these problems, etc. We haven’t had any problems at all, as of yet….none whatsoever. She loves the Lord, wants to live righteously and pure, and loves being with her family more than friends. I NEVER wanted to be with my mom when I was a teenager. My kids can’t stand to be away from us. Ugh. I need a break, but I’m counting my blessings because this time will soon be over. 😦 So my best advice at this age is God and family, God and family. Let her know she can always trust mom and dad for wisdom AND forgiveness when or if she messes us as she matures. All kids (and adults) mess up everyday. I think kids need a safe place to mess up. I mean minor mess ups…not major boy cousin mess ups, if you know what I mean. Tough love and a kick in the pants is what they get from me on major mess ups. I’m talking too much. LOL Love you.


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