Computer troubles

I’ve been having lots of problems with Internet Explorer lately. I am going to try to uninstall it and then reinstall it. (I hope this works.)


6 thoughts on “Computer troubles

  1. No, it just totally freezes on me. For no apparent reason. I’m in firefox right now, but I don’t like it. The type and pictures are too small. I can make the type bigger, but it throws everything off. Hugs,Melinda


  2. Melinda, I just went to microsoft website and went to a tech support page about IE and have tried resetting things back to their settings…I will let you know if it works and try to have the specific website.Mine did freeze sometimes, then other times it would just give me a message that it was going to close and be gone. Lately, if I tried it, it would go several minutes before it closed, then each time I opened it up afterwards, it would close progressively quicker till I could not do anything. I have been using firefox almost exclusively for several days…just thought I would try IE again tonight. It stayed open quite a while, then closed.So will check this out tonight and tomorrow and try to report back to you….


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