I did it.

My church had it’s annual talent show last night. It’s lovingly called “the Hoedown.” I haven’t sung in front of people in 13 years. But last night, I did.

Can you tell I’m shaking like a leaf? I was so very nervous. (I shook most of the afternoon.) Anyway, I sang Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from Phantom of the Opera. I don’t know about other people, but I could tell my voice was shaking too.

I also remembered why I don’t have that many pictures of myself. It’s because I’m the one who has the camera, and I don’t like other people’s work. LOL 😀
I do have to mention Little Bit here. One of the reasons there are only two pictures is because Dale was trying to get ahold of her. She kept coming closer to the stage, and she was dancing (read swaying back and forth) and singing (without words). It’s really hard to be serious and sing about someone who’s dead when your 2 year old is making you laugh.
Regardless, I came through it okay. And now I have a whole year to get ready for the next one. I’m hoping that I can get Dale and the girls to join me though. 😉

5 thoughts on “I did it.

  1. I would probably literally faint, no kidding. I’m so proud of you. I think I’ll put that song on my play list. ***applause*** Bravo!Hey, guess what Ally’s doing today? She’s reading Grandpa’s memoirs because she’s in that period of history in her class. She’s never read it before and she’s loving it. She hasn’t put it down all afternoon. Much love.


  2. Way to go, Melinda!! I had a similar experience recently at our church’s talent show…I hadn’t sung in front of people in 10 years (besides once at a funeral where they couldn’t see me and I STILL shook like crazy — people thought I was crying)…I wasn’t brave enough to sing a serious song, though — I sang that 50 States Song that we sang once in an elementary program (unless that was a year you weren’t at HA)…anyway, my voice shook — I was so nervous but got through it and at least it was a fast song so I didn’t have to hold out any notes…Congratulations!! I’m proud of you!


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