Talk About Tuesday

For some time now, I have been reading a blog called “The Lazy Organizer.” I mean really, what could be more me? I’m lazy, and I like to organize.
Lara recently started a new blog carnival called Talk About Tuesday. The basic premise is Show and Tell. Remember in school when you used to take any little treasure or little toy and you were so excited to share it with your friends? Same thing.
Today is my first time to share something. I’m so excited, because it will be so much easier for me. It’s a *Brand* *New* website called Save My Coupons.
We do most of our grocery shopping at either Aldi’s or Price Chopper. Price Chopper has a Chopper Shopper rewards card that I use frequently. Last night at the store, I saw the notice about Save My Coupons. I’m telling you, it’s going to change the way we shop!
Basically, instead of clipping coupons every Sunday, you “click” coupons. Then, the coupons are linked to your Chopper Shopper card, and you don’t have to carry paper coupons to the store! They take them off automatically at the register! I’m so excited. I can hardly wait to try it out.
I’ve clipped coupons before. The first problem was that I was clipping for things that I didn’t normally buy or use. The second problem was that I would take the coupons to the store, and either forget to use them, or I would forget to hand them to the cashier! This makes me really really excited. I don’t have to forget anything anymore!
Okay, so I just really had to share this with the blogging world. If you have this program available in your area, I would recommend using it.

9 thoughts on “Talk About Tuesday

  1. WOW – that place sounds AWESOME! I just found out that Safeway delivers groceries and I was all excited over THAT! If they had this too I’d be so happy! YAY TECHNOLOGY! I think I might drop this in their suggestion box! Great TAT 😉


  2. Thanks so much for the information! This is not available in my area yet. I signed up on the website and asked to be notified when it is available in my area. I think this is a cool website and really want it in my area soon.


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