10-20-30 years ago

I’m so excited, I’ve been tagged for the very first time. Sandi tagged me for a 10, 20, 30 year writing project. Once you answer, you need to run over to RelevantBlog, and leave a comment and link on her blog.

10 years ago, I was a newlywed. I had been married for 7 months, and we had just moved to a brand new city to work with a church there. We had 3 months for a Dale to find a job. He was hired Oct. 31. πŸ˜€

20 years ago, I was in a new school. After being at the same private school for 6 years (K-5th) I had to go to the public school. I was making friends and trying to adjust. Oh, this was also at a time that my mother would let me walk to her office after school. (About a half mile away.) Times have changed. I wouldn’t let my daughter walk that far by herself.

30 years ago…. I actually don’t know. I would have been around 17 months or so. I think we may have been in Texas at that time. My parents were foster parents for a children’s home.

So now I need to tag 12 people. Sandi tagged me, so I can’t tag her. Let’s see…. Marie, Michal, Amber, BooMama, Teodo, Laurie, Giz, and…. anyone else who wants to play along.



3 thoughts on “10-20-30 years ago

  1. Hey — I enjoyed reading this! I was coming over to say, no pressure, because I couldn’t tell if you were glad to be tagged or felt panicked! πŸ™‚ So I’m glad to see that you jumped right in. I can’t believe that you’ve been married 10 years!! WOW! Congratulations!Sorry that I forgot you had gone to public school for those years — you are in so many of my early childhood memories that I just assumed that you were a part of 6th grade, too! I honestly couldn’t remember a lot of details about 6th grade except for the fact that the boys in our class made our teacher cry almost every day (surprise, surprise).And I had no idea that your parents had been foster parents in TX — I had always just assumed that they’d always been in Searcy…I guess everyone had to have moved there SOMEtime! πŸ™‚I loved learning more about you.


  2. I can’t believe you’ve been married 10 years either. I still haven’t seen pictures of the girls because the pics you sent through yahoo wouldn’t show up or come through.I responded. Well, school day has begun. Must be off. Blessings for the day.


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