What works for you, part two

I just realized I had another question: What are some good potty training tips?
Little Bit (age 29months) is showing strong signs of being really ready. (ie, she tells me when she went “poo-poo,” and she can sometimes tinkle in the potty, especially if I take her right after naptime.) I know I need to be consistant about it. What worked for you?

5 thoughts on “What works for you, part two

  1. I don’t think potty training is something you can force. So just take your hints from her. My three year old absolutely refused to even sit on the potty. So I left him alone. Then one day he woke up, decided he wanted to pee on the potty, and rarely has an accident now.I also skipped the little potty because they are really gross to clean.We used a rewards based system, where he got a tic tac or two if he used the potty. He loved it, but it wasn’t so much sugar that I was worried about it.


  2. I don’t have any advice beyond what is already said. I didn’t fuss over it, and all three of mine did it at their own “time” – diapers one day, training pants (the cotton ones) the next day.Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it. I also posted close up pictures of the blocks. 🙂


  3. Miss you. To be honest, I think we encouraged for many months, but never “potty trained”. I think both my kids potty trained themselves. They just woke up one day and they were done with diapers. My sister preasured and pushed her son so hard and was so frustrated. I kinda see it as a “God’s timing” thing. Every mom and child is different though.


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