My family

If you would like to know more about me, my family and where I come from, then you need to read this post by my cousin. It says alot. And FYI… my momma is Aunt She-She.


4 thoughts on “My family

  1. I’m going to blog about Aunt She She as soon as I dig out some pictures. If someone in our family can read this besides Amber (use your discretion) you can delete this, but it might be nice for you to know your mom was Dad’s favorite and he truly, truly loved her (he wasn’t so sure about the others sometimes, if you know what I mean. Of course he loved them, but he adored his sister Cheri because of her good heart). Beside the word meek in the dictionary is a picture of your mom. I have never known anyone as pure hearted, humble, meek, generous in spirit or righteous as your mom. She wasn’t pious or full of righteous indignation either…just had the perfectly sweet heart of Jesus in her. She couldn’t bring herself to say something mean about anyone if she tried or wanted to. She was always the defender of the underdog and good to everyone. I remember the last time I saw her, she was trying to teach me to paper piece with her trembling hands. I learned to paper piece now. She would be so proud of me. 🙂 I still have her in my email address book. I can’t bring myself to delete her. If I delete her, then she’s really gone. God bless you. I’m so glad we found each other here. (((hug)))


  2. Oh yea, and where is your Menu for this week? You inspired me to get off my butt and put something healthy together for my family without going to the grocery store. I refuse. I’m going to use what I have. Cheer me on and wise me luck.


  3. wow. I still have her in my address book too. That will be a very sad day…Michal, thank you so much for those awesome words. They fill my heart with such joy to know that it wasn’t just me who saw all the wonderful things in her. It’s been great to hear from you!


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