Brand Loyalty

Today is the Brand Loyalty edition of Works-For-Me-Wednesday. You may or may not know that I’m on a tight budget these days, so I’ve been buying more generic brands than brand names. However, these are the things that I simply have to have brand loyalty too.
Cottonelle Toilet Paper and Fresh Wipes
Coca-Cola — We probably should by stock in this company. LOL
Nestle’s chocolate chips — sorry, but store brand just doesn’t cut it on this one.
Hmmm… I’m sure I’ll think of some more, but it’s time to get Sweet Pea off to school, and I’m helping a friend with some babysitting this morning. 🙂 And that’s what Works For Me!

6 thoughts on “Brand Loyalty

  1. I’m not much on name brands and will buy anything that costs less. As much as I love Dr. Pepper, if I can’t get them on sale, I’ll buy an off brand. Every now and then I’ll buy off brand toilet paper, paper towels, or something like that and then regret it but for the most part, we use/eat anything around here.


  2. What is so hysterical about Michael Jackson is when I try to tell the kids how cool he “used” to be and how everyone on planet earth thought he was so awesome. Everyone owned his “Thriller” record. They don’t believe me. LOL Yea, those were fun days. I still love that album, but I would never admit it in public. LOL


  3. I can’t think of brand names I’m loyal to, other than Coca Cola and Blue Bell. I will never, ever, ever eat any other ice cream and I have been known to leave restaurants who don’t serve Coke. Not always, but if they catch me on a bad day, I’m outta there. I’m going where they have Coke!! 🙂 One time, Taco Bell felt bad and gave me a free drink because I was mad about no Coke. LOL Pepsi is for the birds.


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