New Flip Flops

I just finished a new project for me and my girls. You take a (cheap) pair of flip flops and two balls of Lion brand Fun Fur (or something similar), and a size K crochet hook. Then you basically just single crochet around the strap. The reason for two balls of Fun Fur is that you use two threads. You start at the toe, and crochet down to the heel area. If you want a very furry look, then keep scrunching the threads down towards the toe. You finish it off just like with any other crochet project.

I did the white ones for Sweet Pea first.
Then she told me that I needed a pair. Wal-Mart didn’t have white in my size, so she said pink was okay.
Then Little Bit wanted some. Would you believe that I couldn’t find a pair of flip flops for toddlers? So we took her “mock” crocs, and I did the crochet around the strap part.
And then Sweet Pea’s best friend had to have a pair, of course, but I didn’t get a picture of hers.
It was so much fun and I love being able to “match” my girls. We get so many compliments on them when we wear them together. (I even threatened to do my crocs that Dale wears so he could “match” too.)

And it was CHEAP! Flip flops are on sale right now, cause it’s the end of the season, and I already had the fun fur. I highly recommend this fast fashion flip flop project.


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