Today is my 31st birthday. My thoughts are… “this time last year was Momma’s visitation.”



5 thoughts on “Hmmm

  1. Happy Birthday! You’ll always remember the visitation for your mom on your birthday (not that you’d forget it if it hadn’t happened on your birthday!). Your mom would want you to celebrate your birthday, as well as her life, and I don’t think she would want you to be sad. Maybe try thinking about how happy your mom was 31 years ago today instead of how sad you were last year on this day?? I don’t know what to say — it seems like it’s always hard when those saddest of days fall on days that should be joyous occasions.Last year, my nephew’s visitation began on my dad’s birthday. It was hard and I hate to even tell my dad Happy Birthday this year because I know exactly what he will be thinking.


  2. Yeah, I know. I just acknowledge that this year is tough. And I won’t always be this way. I just need my time to grieve. Just like your dad may need that this year.Hugs,Melinda


  3. Happy birthday Melinda. You are right to have mixed emotions. On my first bday after my mom died, we also had Sarah’s First Communion and it was mother’s day on top of it all! (sigh) Ya get through it the best you can!Laurie


  4. You’re 31??! Nah… I don’t believe it!*Don’t you know you’re always supposed to stay, like, 29?*🙂 Hope today was better than you expected it to be. I love you.


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