I believe today is a “stupid man day.” Thought you might need warning.

Now for the rant. Dale works Friday through Monday at night. So he’s also trying to work with this guy at church in a small buisness doing the same thing he did before he joined the Army. I had two days of work left at Maggie Moo’s. Today and Thursday. So he decides he’s going to go into this “other” job today. Which would be fine, except Lil Bit woke up with 102 fever in the middle of the night. So she can’t go to the babysitter when she’s sick, which means one of us has to stay with her. Is it Dale, with the job that “might” pay off in the long run, or is it me, who has 2 (two) days left at a job I like and want to leave a favorable impression with so that if I want to go back in the future, I can? Can you guess that since I’m sitting here typing to you that it’s not Dale who stayed home with the sick baby?

And… he also decided that he needed to upgrade his laptop from XP Home to XP Professional, and in the process seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY screwed up his computer. I can’t even get it to play a DVD. Which would be okay if he hadn’t sold MY computer to his mom at Christmas. That would even be okay except that now she wants a laptop, so he’s going to sell her his laptop and we’re going to get our old one back.

He was just joking when he said it, but I’m going to take him seriously. MY next computer is going to be a Mac so that he won’t touch it!

Beware of Stupid Man Day! It can be catching!


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