Time for pictures!

I realized I haven’t posted any pictures in awhile. I’m going to try to do this, but my understanding is that our internet service is slower loading to the net than taking from it.

We went to a wedding in Austin, TX last weekend. One of Dale’s cousins got married. If you know anything about me at all, you know I believe in God. This cousin and her family are about as religious as a stick. In other words, this was not a “Christian” wedding, but it was still pretty typical. It was the first wedding I’ve ever danced at, and probably the last as well.

This picture of Lil Bit was taken at a picnic area on the way home. We had to have a stretch break. What you can’t tell is that she’s really ready to cry. She doesn’t like being in the tree. Sweet Pea would have loved it, but she was traveling with Nonnie (my MIL).

This picture is of Sweet Pea and me on the dance floor. It was the “father-daughter” dance and everyone was invited. Sweet Pea was sad, because Dale had an errand to run and she didn’t have anyone to dance with. So I danced with her. It was fun! It reminded me of when Amber and I would crank up the music and just boogey. The music was “Take me home” by John Denver.

These next two are some of my favorite. Dale and I got our picture taken under the wedding arch. We were both feeling sorta romantic and sentimental. 🙂

Then this picture of Lil Bit turned out really well. She is really growing up fast. She’s climbing on everything and everyone. She loves the outdoors, cars, and her “baba” (baby). Lil Bit is really very smart. Takes after her daddy. 😉