Wow… Where have I been?

Apparently, I keep forgetting to post. Our life has been so crazy busy these days. I find most of my time spent in homeschooling Sweet Pea and keeping Lil Bit entertained with almost no time for quilting or reading. Of course, traveling all over creation doesn’t help either. Since my last post, I’ve been to KC,MO, Branson, MO, and Austin, TX. I’m tired of traveling. I want to stay home for a while. Not that that is a problem, because I technically don’t have a home of my own. We’re still living with MIL.

Positive note: Dale has a “temporary” contract job with a major phone company in KC. He starts Monday. And while I’m not excited at the thought of being separated … AGAIN … it is income.

I am going to try to post more often. This may become more of a journal type thing that I do. Don’t be surprised to find me rambling, as I so often do in my journals.

Okay… it’s late, and I didn’t sleep good last night. My (temporary) bed is calling me…. hard as it is. Night…..


3 thoughts on “Wow… Where have I been?

  1. HEY THERE! This is Wannabeprov31 from FL forums! Just saw your blog post in your signature and wanted to come take a look. I have one too – check on FL it’s in my signature too!😀 Happy Blogging!


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