Cat and Mouse

Don’t look too closely at the mess, but I had to put up a picture of my cat’s new napping place. I couldn’t resist the irony of “Cat and Mouse.” 😀 Doesn’t he look comfy? Too bad I can’t use my computer when he’s there.


3 thoughts on “Cat and Mouse

  1. Don’t our cats just love to do what we’re doing? I have pictures of cats on quilts that I <>want<> to be quilting (as an excuse for why they’re late).Also, it looks like your cat is wearing flowers (I think it’s a mug in the background). Very stylish! Hope you have an “army brat” cat that moves well.


  2. ROFLOL! Actually, it’s a sheet of note pad paper that a friend sent me. I love daffodils and it was perfect for that spot.Actually, I’m trying to find my kitty a new home. 😦 We’ve developed allergies to him.Melinda


  3. Your cat looks just like our two cats!! Ours are both males, about six years old. It’s hard to keep up with the shedding of fur and dander. Sorry to hear you have to let yours go.Rosemary(from Quilt Your Way Forum)


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