Postcard tips

Okay, this one is called “Purple Flowers” because I couldn’t come up with anything else. ROFLOL But I have been coming up with some tips for others out there. 😀

Tip #1 — Don’t use muslin. It frays way too easily and if you use it as a backing fabric, you can see through it.

Tip #2 — Don’t sew over chenille stems (aka pipe cleaners). It’s akin to sewing over pins and it will really eat through your needles.

Tip #3 — Freezer Paper makes a great ironing board cover for this project. Make sure you put the shiny side down.

Tip #4 — If you are using Peltex, you need to make sure you get Peltex 70. Somehow, I got Peltex 71, and it’s making things sort of difficult.

Tip #5 — and this is more personal than an actual tip… don’t use Rayon thread on the edge. It doesn’t act right to me.

I tried a new version after I finished this one. I’m thinking this is going to be how I make a busy book for Lil Bit. I’ll post pictures of the “trial” later. Right now, we’re going on a date. 😀 All in all, this is a very fun project, and I am so happy to be sewing again. And I know my Momma is looking down on me and smiling.


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