I miss my momma

Boy, I miss my momma. It’s strange. I have days where I barely remember that she’s gone. Then I have days that it hits me like a ton of bricks. Then I have moments in some days where I miss her so much it hurts. I’m having one of those moments right now. I can’t even tell you why I started missing her so much all of a sudden. I just know that I do miss her, and I miss her alot. I want to cry and yet I don’t. My heart is in a jumble just not knowing what to do with my emotions.

Sweet Pea is in Louisiana visiting my MIL. She’s helping her with VBS, and playing hard with her cousins. Lil Bit is in bed asleep. I think she may be teething again, which is not fun, because it usually means an earache and cranky baby. Dale has Monday off and a pass for Tuesday, so we are going to go to Atlanta and try to have some “us” time. He’s attending a job fair on Tuesday. (Everyone cross your fingers and pray REALLY hard that he’ll get a job soon.)

We’re at a pivotal point in our life/marriage. If we can make it through the rest of this year, then maybe, just maybe, we’ll be okay and can make it through the rest of our life. But Daddy, if you happen to read this…. “I’m tired of the bumps already.”


3 thoughts on “I miss my momma

  1. Melinda,I want to just WRAP my arms around you! Let me tell you from experience…the death of a mom HURTS…LITERALLY hurts. And marriage…well, it’s always a WIP. I have gone thru lots of rough times with Steve and they were worth it. We are here in KS because of job issues…ROUGH? you bet! But HE is more important than a job!I care about you a TON…please call me if you need to!HugsLaurie


  2. Hugs and prayers to get you thru these tough times. Just remember it takes the bumps to make the smooth times appreciative!You’ll get there…just hang on.(HUGS)–LOTS of them!Trudi


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