I was so inspired by the picture of Gail’s Peonies that I had to offer some pictures of my hydrangea bush. I did not plant this bush and actually cut it a few times before I realized it wasn’t a weed. LOL Last year, the neighborhood kids broke off some of the buds so I only got 4 really good blooms. This year, as you can see, I have 13! I love the coloring on it too. The pink and purple are just beautiful.

I also wanted to share some more Gracie pictures. She decided to try a new “food” tonight. That’s NOT chocolate pudding on her face. You can see the “source” in the big orange pot. ROFLOL

Also, we had had the living room arranged to where she couldn’t get around certain blockades. Only… she figured out that she could try to squeeze between the recliner and the trunk. She got stuck, but I couldn’t resist a picture. LOL I’ve since rearranged the living room.

My children bring me such joy. Becca is so incredibly smart. Today, we started a second grade workbook for the summer. She doesn’t like to do it, but I sat with her and we worked together, and that made it fun. I hope and I pray that I can be as good a mother to her as my mom was to me.


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  1. Melinda: You are a great mom. Not trying to give advice because I’ve certainly had my stumbles in the mothering department but I think being there for them, and letting them know you’re there for them and that you care and stick by your guns! You’ll never believe how hard it is when they’re teens to say “NO! I don’t care how many of your friends are doing it . . you are NOT!” It’s a good thing we don’t know how hard this mothering job is before we start or there’d probably be no more children on earth!I love hydrangeas and I have not been able to get one to grow here at all. Can you grow gardenias there? Maybe I’m too far north. Another reason to move south, huh?Judy L.


  2. Melinda,Awesome pics of Gracie and the hydrangeas as well! You are an AWESOME mother! I saw that while in Arkansas!!! Grieve the best way for you…it’s the only way! And remember that it can take time! I’m here!HugsLaurie


  3. Your Hydrangeas are beautiful! They grow fine in the summertime here, but won’t winter over. Just remember that you are a part of your mother. The things you learned from her will come alive as your girls grow. My Mom left us several years ago, but I still get called by her name because I remind everyone of her. That is the best compliment I can ever receive!Just keep smiling and know that your Mom is very proud of you.(Trudi)


  4. What pretty Hydrangeas and what lovely pictures of Gracie – even with her new “food” all over her face! Isn’t is so exciting to see our children learning new things. DD is so ready for Grade 2 and we, too, have started on a workbook. Mainly to keep her occupied to give me some time to sew – LOL. She has a table in my sewing room where she works and I sew.


  5. What a beautiful picture of your flowers. Gracie looks like she enjoyed her new found pudding. LOLYou are a FANTASTIC Mom to a couple of very special little girls. Cheri was so proud of you and always talked about what a GREAT Mom you are. I saw with my own eyes in May how much those two love their Momma. Their little faces just lit up when they saw you. Your eyes lit up when they came into the room and the love you have for them radiated in the room.Everyone who was there saw what a great job you are doing. Cheri is watching you and smiling because she knows that you and the girls will accomplish ALOT through the years to come. Deal with the grief one day at a time in your own way.Love to all….


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