It’s cold and flu season. First Becca was sick. Then Gracie got the sniffles. Guess who’s sick now? That’s right, you guessed it, ME! Ugh! I feel horrible. But you know what? Momma was right. If you wash your hands, you have less chance of getting sick.

I must say, it’s been a blessing to have Dale home. He’s really picked up the slack and taken a lot of my responsibilities, especially THIS week. I really love him and appreciate him.

Okey dokey… going back to bed now. 😀


One thought on “WASH YOUR HANDS!

  1. Oh, that’s no fun! I’m sorry you’re sick. Hopefully, you’ll be better soon!I’m finally sending those movies to Becca today. I’ve also included Valentine’s Day cards for everyone. Sorry they’re a little late.Love you,Amber


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