For your information

I have had some people try to post some rather rude comments on some of my postings, so I have comment moderation turned on. If you don’t see your comment right away, it’s because I haven’t read the e-mail yet. 🙂

Early Thursday morning. 3 days left. 😀


3 thoughts on “For your information

  1. I’m betting your asleep now but if I have it figured correctly, it’s 3 hours now! You wrote 10 hours at 6:02 your time. It’s now 12:07 my time so that’s 1:07 your time so that means and if he’s coming in at 4 a.m. . . that’s 3 hours.Maybe you’re NOT sleeping! 🙂Goodness . . I’ll be thinking about y’all when I wake up in the morning!Judy L.


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