More Kid Pictures

Okay, seems like everyone likes kid pictures. Here’s some more from Christmas. We have 2 from Grandma and Grandpa’s house and one of Sweet Pea decorating Christmas cookies. We had so much fun doing that. And Sweet Pea is very creative! I think the best part was listening to her tell a story while she was decorating a cookie. I like the shampoo teddy bear the best. 😉 Oh, and Lil Bit just LOVES Grandpa’s beard. She was very fascinated by it. I have beautiful girls.


3 thoughts on “More Kid Pictures

  1. I love having the weather pixie on everyone’s site so I can see what the weather is like in other areas.How is that Becca doesn’t have one bit of icing on her shirt? Either that’s her first cookie to decorate or she’s much neater in the kitchen that I am! 🙂Judy L.


  2. Sissy,It was great having you all here for Christmas! It was wonderful getting to play with my beautiful neices…both of them! Becca is growing up too quickly. Sometimes it makes me sad. But she is growing up anyways. And Gracie…what a joy she has brought to all our lives. I love hearing her giggle!All my love to you,Amber


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