Michael Jackson theory

I have a theory. It’s just this wild random thinking I was doing the other day. Michael Jackson started singing when he was really really young as part of the Jackson 5. He sang and sang and had the dark skin and big nose for a while. Then came “Thriller.” In Thriller, he had lost a lot of weight, his skin was beginning to lighten, and his nose was skinnier. With each subsequent album, his skin was lighter and his nose was… well… less.

So my thinking… Michael Jackson is not Michael Jackson. What if he’s been replaced? What if the person who we all think is MJ is really… *GASP*… a white guy?? I think it’s this guy that was an MJ impersonator and was so good that when MJ was taken away, the impersonator took his place.

Now, don’t ask me who took MJ away or why. Don’t ask me why there’s an impersonator in his place. Most of all, please don’t ask me if I’m serious. I’m not. I do have one conspiracy theory that I’m not going into online, but I wanted to present this, because I thought it was a funny idea. 🙂


I mean really… all you have to do is an image search of MJ on Google. If you look closely enough, it is not that hard to see… it’s NOT him.

Okay, enough of theories for tonight. I’m off to read. Night. 😀


2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson theory

  1. Gosh, Melinda – I’m a huge MJ fan, and I know that you aren’t serious about this – but really, that’s just such a stupid theory, that I’ve heard a thousand times before.And yes – some people actually believe that stuff..!..a fun read, though..!


  2. I’ve had the same thoughts Melinda. Although my sister believes he is either an alien or from the future. Both viable theories 😉


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