The cold sore from Heck!

Dale, my husband, gets cold sores all the time. It’s not unusual for him to have 3 or 4 jars of Carmex at any given time. And oddly enough, I’ve gotten to wear I can actually tolerate the smell and taste of it.

So Monday morning, imagine my surprise when I woke up with a HUGE cold sore right in the middle of my lip. I remembered what Dale does, he slathers it up with Carmex. So I went hunting for one of his little yellow jars. Surprise! I couldn’t find ONE! Nothing. Nada. Not one. There wasn’t any in the house. Have I really gone 10 and a half months without one jar of Carmex in my house?

This cold sore hurts. I finally got to the store yesterday to try and find a jar of Carmex. Imagine my disappointment when I couldn’t find any. All they have, it seems, is those little yellow tubes of petroleum jelly. BLECH! Well, I have to have something or this thing will never go away. It tastes even worse than the jars.

The worst part of this cold sore is that I can’t even kiss my darling girls. It makes me sad.



5 thoughts on “The cold sore from Heck!

  1. Okay, I just saw an ad for cold sores tonight! You could try either Neosporin LT (Lip treatment?) or something I think is called Aveada. I’m not positive on that name. But honey, there are more options than just Carmex and petroleum jelly! Besides, I heard that carmex has an addictive agent added to it. :0Love you,Amber


  2. Melinda: I used to get them but (knock on wood) haven’t had one in several years. There’s something you can buy at the pharmacy called “Abreva”. It isn’t cheap and I think it was available only by prescription at one time. Most pharmacy type places have it now.Anyway, one tube would probably last a lifetime even with Dale getting them often. I tiny little drop slathered on the cold sore almost makes it disappear instantaneously! I was so amazed by that stuff. Hope your cold sore heals quickly and you can get back to kissing those girls!Judy L.


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