Childlike Wonder

My youngest slept from 5:30 this afternoon until 9:00. In that time, the oldest and I managed to set up our Christmas tree. It’s a pre-lit tree, so we didn’t have to worry about the lights. The pure joy and wonder on the baby’s face when she saw the Christmas tree was just amazing. I wish I could have captured it on film. And it also makes me stop and think about what Christmas is all about. When I get nervous around all the holiday shopping crowds, and I’m overwhelmed with parties to attend, I’m going to try to stop and remember that precious little smile on her face. And hopefully, I’ll remember what the true meaning of Christmas is.


2 thoughts on “Childlike Wonder

  1. Melinda! Thanks for posting to my blog and sending the link to yours! Gracie is so cute! To tell you the truth, I think I still get that look on my face when I see the Christmas tree for the first time each year too! 🙂Judy L.


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