I feel like a chicken……

We were supposed to go home for Thanksgiving. I have been looking forward to going for a month. With my mother being so sick, I try to treasure every minute I have with her. However, we were less than 1/4 of the way down the road when I decided to turn back. My excuse? My kids are running fevers and getting car sick. *sigh* But what’s the truth? Is it that my kids were sick or is it that I’m really scared to face my mother’s illness in real life? (I don’t like excuses, so I try to know the reasons for everything.) It’s almost like, if I stay away, she’s not that sick, or maybe she’ll get better….. Maybe I’m just a big chicken.


One thought on “I feel like a chicken……

  1. We still love you. You have to deal with Mom’s illness as much as we do. It’s not in the same way, but you are working through this terrible disease like the rest of us. I’m here for you.much love,Lil Sissy


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